SOPA/PIPA , No Thanks - I Already Experience It In Germany

I’ll get straight to the point. A open legislation bill with little restrictions on the internet scares the shit out of me. You don’t fight piracy by destroying the entire internet and social productivity. Most of which are based in the US.

I’ve been in the US Air Force for 5 years. Currently stationed at Ramstein Germany. And guess what, they have control over music on the internet in here in Germany. Due to their laws it’s quite hard to listen to any video with any kind of copyrighted music. Even proxy servers wont work most of the time. This to me is absolutely crazy. One of the basic forums of expression is actually limited in Germany.

Being a member of the military, this isn’t what I want to see happen to my country. It’s as simple as that. As a content creator on Youtube, it’s amazing to see all the people and companies protest today on January 18th, 2012. Even more so to start seeing game developers and news agencies not supporting E3. Because ETA who runs it supports SOPA, backing the legislation with 190K.

Unless things change, I also will not be covering or planning to attend E3 this year.

All of the BebopVox community sites down to recognize this day. Along with and

Dunno what SOPA/PIPA is? Don’t think it will effect you? Think again please. This video will help: “WTF is SOPA?”

Hate SOPA? 6 things you can do to stop it:

Take part in SOPA Strike Day:

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