SOPA/PIPA , No Thanks - I Already Experience It In Germany

I’ll get straight to the point. A open legislation bill with little restrictions on the internet scares the shit out of me. You don’t fight piracy by destroying the entire internet and social productivity. Most of which are based in the US.

I’ve been in the US Air Force for 5 years. Currently stationed at Ramstein Germany. And guess what, they have control over music on the internet in here in Germany. Due to their laws it’s quite hard to listen to any video with any kind of copyrighted music. Even proxy servers wont work most of the time. This to me is absolutely crazy. One of the basic forums of expression is actually limited in Germany.

Being a member of the military, this isn’t what I want to see happen to my country. It’s as simple as that. As a content creator on Youtube, it’s amazing to see all the people and companies protest today on January 18th, 2012. Even more so to start seeing game developers and news agencies not supporting E3. Because ETA who runs it supports SOPA, backing the legislation with 190K.

Unless things change, I also will not be covering or planning to attend E3 this year.

All of the BebopVox community sites down to recognize this day. Along with and

Dunno what SOPA/PIPA is? Don’t think it will effect you? Think again please. This video will help: “WTF is SOPA?”

Hate SOPA? 6 things you can do to stop it:

Take part in SOPA Strike Day:

Voice Actors Needed

Whaddup Minecraftinites.

So i’m helping produce a new series with some people. Currently we’re in need of some voice actors. There are a few requirements that have to be met.

—Right now just looking for voices that can pull off  30 to 40 age range.

—Have a quality microphone for clean audio. We will also notice this on your VO submission.

—Become immersed within the character and be believable and convincing

—Make a submission on the voices you can do. Please send the audio to with the subject “VO Submission”.

—Have Skype

And that’s it! If you’d love to help out and become a part of the project. Simply submit your voice over and I will be getting back with you. Even if we do not pick you now, we may use you for other projects if you’re still interested.

Here’s a little dialogue interaction to use for your VO if you’d like.

I’m not talking about how dangerous
it is, I just want to see what’s
inside the bloody animal.
Well I don’t think it’s worth the
risk if you want my opinion. The
creatures of the nether are beyond
our comprehension, and should not
be tampered with.
That’s the point Poncho, dissection
of a ghast could change modern
science! It can unlock secrets
we’ve never dreamed about!
Well, we have more important things
on our hands right now Dr. Brown.
Much more important.

-Thank you


A Little Insight On New Youtube Partnerships

I’m so A.D.D. I’m actually editing now when I thought about bringing this up.

Back in the day it use to be a pain in the ass to get a Youtube partnership. Now however it’s quite easy, the only reason it’s not default when having a Youtube account is because 100 videos of a guy smoking in front of a camera is a joke and doesn’t look good for them. (yea there is a guy who just uploads videos of him smoking for 10 mins, uploads 40 videos a week)

I’ve been a partner for several years since I did Second Life videos. I only more recently got hardcore into Youtube within the past year making videos. Well now that you’re a partner some doors open up for you, contracts. There are several levels of Youtube partnerships. And another one gives people permission to monetize money from your videos. This means your Youtube account is now connected to theirs directly. And Google Youtube checks are sent to them instead of you. Now it’s this 3rd party that is paying you instead. Examples of this are, Game Station, IGN, and many others including Curse who just got theirs last week. 

This can be very good, or very bad depending on your contract, and there are pro’s and cons to everything. Example: It’s public information that Machinima pays 3$ per 1K views on videos of yours that they upload. But they also takes a % of your Youtube revenue instead of paying you the 100% back. However they’ve also been doing it for years and can get your videos a massive amount of hits with their large subscriber base. And they also tend to upload any video they can get their hands on. Other places however pay you 100% revenue and 5$ per 1k views on videos they re upload. However may not be as popular but get you lower numbers, but may be more respected because they always upload quality content. (I am talking about no one company specifically)

These are all options that can open up for you. Because Youtube is handing out so many partnerships. All these 3rd parties are trying to own your content and buy it from you. Some want to give you less Youtube revenue but give more on their uploads. And others vice versa. Always look at the pro’s and cons and do your research when it comes to giving up permission to your hard work.

Minecraft Owning The Royal Wedding

Happy Creeper at Royal Wedding by ~BebopVox on deviantART

So it was the day of the Royal wedding last night and I figured. “Pft i dont have anything else better to do!”. So I went down while filming a new Vlog I’d like to start. It ended up being CRAZY. I was surprised to have tons of fun, meet new people. and was right @ Buckingham Palace for the flyover. Such an amazing atmosphere.

I bought all my equipment with me and even filmed the show down there! So I somehow have to dish out 2 videos now… haha, we’ll see!!! It blew my Faceoff to wakeup this morning and find out 8K people saw this picture in Twitpic in less than 24 hours.

Minecraft at the Royal wedding?!? You bet your ass!!! This we... on Twitpic

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