Updating cause i’m slacking!

I’ve been slacking pretty hardcore with Website stuff. I don’t have a lot of time to really get down and update things, let alone redesign. I do plan on it very soon though!

Trying to figure out how I can do the new show “Vox Of Gaming” is quite interesting. I completely enjoy doing the show but it’s very stressful with everything else that consumes my time.

One very interesting note is though. In Sept 2013 I might night reenlist in the Airforce. If I wanted to I could even ask to get out sooner than that. However right now I dont have anything lined up for me if I did get out besides videos full time (which would be a dream come true) and commission work to get extra money if needed.

Thinks will be interesting over the next year, that’s one thing I know :)

Minecraft Owning The Royal Wedding

Happy Creeper at Royal Wedding by ~BebopVox on deviantART

So it was the day of the Royal wedding last night and I figured. “Pft i dont have anything else better to do!”. So I went down while filming a new Vlog I’d like to start. It ended up being CRAZY. I was surprised to have tons of fun, meet new people. and was right @ Buckingham Palace for the flyover. Such an amazing atmosphere.

I bought all my equipment with me and even filmed the show down there! So I somehow have to dish out 2 videos now… haha, we’ll see!!! It blew my Faceoff to wakeup this morning and find out 8K people saw this picture in Twitpic in less than 24 hours. http://twitpic.com/4r2m2p

Minecraft at the Royal wedding?!? You bet your ass!!! This we... on Twitpic

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