Yup, I feel like death. That’s what I get for live streaming for 10 hours! Ended up sleeping for 10 hours after. Was almost late for my interview with Minecraft Teacher! (MCT) never the less it went awesome. Had to film the show just before work, and BLAMM!! Many hours later… I’m still up and really need to sleep. Good thing I live for editing :) I seriously did have TONS of fun with this weeks show. Working on new piston transitions, and just a buncha sound effects that most wont notice but me probably.

In the end, ENJOY! I plan to have my interview with MCT up on Wed.

Minecraft Monday Show-Mojang, Crazy Builds, Updates and MONSTER! (by BebopVox)

Whaddup Tumblr homies!

I’m starting to use Tumblr more so BEAR with me ROARRRRRR! (lame)

Holy crap busy week. I found old E3 footage from this year of a skit commercial I filmed while there. Not only did Carl from Mojang tweet about it but so did Sony Ericsson themself. That’s always a plus. If you havn’t seen this short little 30 second joy, here it is!

Then this week I also interviewed H.A.T. films who do a lot of the Mojang official videos now. This Brits are just great people and I look forward to chilling with ‘em at Minecon. However they’re gonna be crazy busy since they are filming all the Mojang footage and skits. Run on sentence much? This is why I do videos!!! So here’s the 24min interview with some H.A.T. Films beat boxing at the end.

And on that note it’s time for me to get ready for The Minecraft Monday Show! WeEEeeYooooO!!!! have an awesome day everyone!

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