A Little Insight On New Youtube Partnerships

I’m so A.D.D. I’m actually editing now when I thought about bringing this up.

Back in the day it use to be a pain in the ass to get a Youtube partnership. Now however it’s quite easy, the only reason it’s not default when having a Youtube account is because 100 videos of a guy smoking in front of a camera is a joke and doesn’t look good for them. (yea there is a guy who just uploads videos of him smoking for 10 mins, uploads 40 videos a week)

I’ve been a partner for several years since I did Second Life videos. I only more recently got hardcore into Youtube within the past year making videos. Well now that you’re a partner some doors open up for you, contracts. There are several levels of Youtube partnerships. And another one gives people permission to monetize money from your videos. This means your Youtube account is now connected to theirs directly. And Google Youtube checks are sent to them instead of you. Now it’s this 3rd party that is paying you instead. Examples of this are Machinima.com, Game Station, IGN, and many others including Curse who just got theirs last week. 

This can be very good, or very bad depending on your contract, and there are pro’s and cons to everything. Example: It’s public information that Machinima pays 3$ per 1K views on videos of yours that they upload. But they also takes a % of your Youtube revenue instead of paying you the 100% back. However they’ve also been doing it for years and can get your videos a massive amount of hits with their large subscriber base. And they also tend to upload any video they can get their hands on. Other places however pay you 100% revenue and 5$ per 1k views on videos they re upload. However may not be as popular but get you lower numbers, but may be more respected because they always upload quality content. (I am talking about no one company specifically)

These are all options that can open up for you. Because Youtube is handing out so many partnerships. All these 3rd parties are trying to own your content and buy it from you. Some want to give you less Youtube revenue but give more on their uploads. And others vice versa. Always look at the pro’s and cons and do your research when it comes to giving up permission to your hard work.

Why I dont do “Lets Play” Videos… Yet…

I’m humbled that a MASSIVE amount of people keep saying “Holy crap do lets plays already!” and to be honest I don’t want to become my own worst enemy. Yea I do a TON of gaming when I’m not editing videos about gaming. But when it comes down to it. I hate my subscription box being filled by 4 videos a day, all from one person on Youtube. Which causes me to over look those who make awesome edited content, but don’t release videos like they’re going out of style.

I’ve always felt Youtube needed more Quality over .. a shit ton of crap. And I would hate for people to unsubscribe because I’m coming out with to many videos. or to videos which I put tons of post editing time into, and they get overlooked because there are 10 “Lets plays” in front of it.

One of my favorite Youtubers is Tobuscus. And he has a huge talent for improve. however the ONE channel of his I’m not subscribed to is his gaming one. Even though I’m happy to support him with likes, comments, and even a favorite here and there. I hate my subscription box being flooded…

Is it just me?

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