Whaddup With Lets Play Videos?

When it comes to editing I always like to break it down into something that I would watch. Something like a “Lets Play” series can be one of the hardest things to get right. For example, I admire Eric Fullerton from The Shaft Podcast who also puts just as much love into all his editing. In the most recent “Lets Play” they started called “Ship Wrecked”. He’s adding tons of layovers, original music, and creative sounds. All of which are adding to the viewers experience greatly, which is rarely seen.  Most play through hardly even know what editing is, let alone what Eric pull off.  *Bro Fist*

So what can you expect out of me? J Many of you know we have our co-op lets play starting with myself and NeonGlitterbomb. But there will also be one more starting up on the side. But how do you set yourself apart from other Lets play’s, especially for a game with a bazillion gameplay hours?

Let’s Play Game: Skyrim

Series title: “Girl Vs. Skyrim”

Approach: Lots of editing to tell the main story as my silly NeonGlitterbomb plays. Cutting to main points making sure not to lose focus of the current goal. Original music to enjoy from Josh Welcher. All while keeping it under 16 minutes.

When it comes to let’s plays my main goal is not to have 50 videos for one game. That’s ridicules and says no real editing is taking place. For the short attention span of myself and the internet, I’d like not to do that. However – When It comes to me and NeonGlitterbomb playing Minecraft… There may be no editing, because it gets just that crazy… I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for the support!


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